The Pump Rooms Bath, Controversy and Queen Elizabeth

Hello dear readers. Please enjoy this short video, of the sumptuous Pump Rooms in Bath. In the pomp of this Georgian Tea Room/restaurant, a classical trio serenaded us. We sipped our choice of excellent tea. An English afternoon delight, of sandwiches, cakes and hot scones were served.
This experience was a Christmas gift from our lovely daughter. Graham, my husband, is enjoying his scones. Sorry dear American readers, as you probably know, our scones are sweet and served with cream and jam. Click to find out more, here.
Did you know there is a huge controversy in this country? That we Brits are polarized by this issue?
Some parts of the country, prepare their hot sweet scones, spreading the cream first and then the jam. I prefer, (dare I share this in public and risk the ridicule?) to spread my jam first and then the cream!!! Thank goodness for democracy and free speech.
Click here to read about the Queen endeavouring to calm this issue. But please note, the even Her Majesty was at odds with her own mother over this. Want to know more? Click here for the Independant Newspaper article
So you can understand my husband’s serious demeanour as you watch the video.
If you are planning to visit Bath, we wholeheartedly recommend this experience. A gluten-free sandwiches etc are available on request. Click to see the other events the Pump rooms have to offer.

The Bath Pump Rooms and Roman Baths




4 thoughts on “The Pump Rooms Bath, Controversy and Queen Elizabeth

    1. Thank you Jack. I love America. I’ve had the privilege of staying there, for many months. This Easter, my husband and I will be on Hilton Head for a few weeks. I just love that Southern hospitality. I’m longing for warm cornbread, with honey whipped butter. I think I am refer Long Islam iced tea to the regular😋. Because of your supper soft water in the USA 🇺🇸, I take my hot tea with lemon and honey 🍯. Just talking about the States makes me feel homesick. We have a 6 month visa and spend as much time as possible with you guys. You rock. Thanks for dropping by. God Bless America


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