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Betweenwhiles - Book Cover (Small) 

Betweenwhiles: A family between two wars – a true story of rebellion against Nazism

A family, separated by the First World War, seek to reunite. The story begins in 1920. The euphoria of the peace has given way to the reality of a new normal.

Each family’s emotional and physical journey gives an insight into life between the wars. This Art Deco Era was fraught with change and revolution.

M A Lossl’s second instalment carries on where Mizpah Cousins leaves off, continuing the story of the many family branches through the aftermath of the great war, up through the gathering storm of the ‘30s and right up until the start of WW II. It paints a picture of life in a time both more human, but also less forgiving than now. The joys, heartache, and tragedies shared in an extended family – lending support to each other during hard times, and without the safety net of a modern welfare state as a backdrop.
Constrained by the reality of a sizeable cast of players, M A Lossl manages to pull together a compelling and coherent tale, told with an eye for the detail, using the minutia of daily life to add warmth and depth to the characters. A touch of humour helps lift the mood, which at times is perilous – especially when viewed with the historical knowledge of what happens next!

Discover how ordinary people coped, with humour and stoicism, and cups of tea.

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Mizpah Cousins: Love, life and perilous predicaments during the Great War era

The prequel, to Betweenwhiles.

Mizpah Cousins opens in London just before World War One revealing the lives of a real East End family. Their story will make you laugh, and cry and perhaps give an insight into the reason why. It is like an East End version of Downton Abbey meeting All Quiet On The Western Front. An historical novel with five years research, has something for every reader.

This illustrated family saga contains original photographs. It tells of cousins, born in the East End of London from the German émigré families. The depravities of war chase these brave and stoic souls. Each cousin’s story reflects different sides of this momentous conflict.

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Amalia’s Journey: A Cockney Mother’s Story From World War One

Amalia’s Journey, a novella set at the end of the Art Nouveau era and during the WW1 period. A tale of romance and an idyllic life brought to a sudden end, by The Great War. A story of resilience in the face of immense odds. A story of the author’s brave and resourceful grandmother, Amalia Lossl née Demmel. London of 1909, Empire era, is where Amalia’s Journey begins.

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