An impressive read where the author manages to blend the known facts of a true story, the historic record, and a lovingly imagined recount of circumstances and conversations lost to the mists of time.

What starts as a simple tale of “normal” life, grows into an emotional roller coaster that lays bare the far more complicated truths that lay beneath the normal black and white portrayals of wartime. An absorbing and compelling read, drawing you into the dramatic twists and turns of fate experienced by loving families displaced from their homes, separated from their loved ones, and scattered across Europe by war.

The story captures the feel of life in the early 20th century in London’s East End, Versailles, and Hamburg and charts the effects of the onset of war on families and their wider local communities. A affirming revelation that love truly can survive even the cruellest tests, and a deeply nuanced narration of life surviving through the first world war.

John Rumm

The time, the effort, and the love that the author devoted to the writing of this book is vividly apparent. More than family tree research, MIZPAH COUSINS is a slice of history presented in personal form.

Set throughout Europe during WW1 Lossl portrays not only the gamut of human emotions of her ancestors, but also touches your heart with her words. A written visual of life during an incredibly unsettling time.

What a unique treasure.

One word- WOW 5 star review for Betweenwhiles:

on 12 March 2018
M A Lossl’s second instalment carries on where Mizpah Cousins leaves off, continuing the story of the many family branches through the aftermath of the great war, up through the gathering storm of the ‘30s and right up until the start of WW II. It paints a picture of life in a time both more human, but also less forgiving than now. The joys, heartache, and tragedies shared in an extended family – lending support to each other during hard times, and without the safety net of a modern welfare state as a backdrop.
Constrained by the reality of a sizeable cast of players, M A Lossl manages to pull together a compelling and coherent tale, told with an eye for the detail, using the minutia of daily life to add warmth and depth to the characters. A touch of humour helps lift the mood, which at times is perilous – especially when viewed with the historical knowledge of what happens next!
Once started, I was unable to put the book down. Emotional, and thought provoking, highly recommended!
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Proof that real life can be more dramatic than fiction