Mapping London’s Past

A top tip for genealogists researching family from London. Charles Booth, the philanthropist, funded research into London’s poor 1898-99. The London School of Economic host this map. It is interactive with a modern map to help pinpoint the your desired location on the Booth map. This colour codes each area and street to show comparative income. There are also descriptions of streets and the people living there.

My family lived in Swedenborg Square, Wellclose Square and other area’s in the East End. The Booth map and associated descriptions gave me an insight to my families status in this era. Some were well off others, more impoverished. A great way to understand our ancestors lives.

Please remember that London Street names have changed over the years. This site will tell you the old names of current streets –

The House Old, Abolished London Street Names>>>

This is the link to the Booth Map

LSE Charles Booth Online Map and Archive>>>

Happy hunting!

3 thoughts on “Mapping London’s Past

  1. I’m so happy the sites will help your research. Would love to know your East End family story…they might have known my family (Demmel). Let me know how you get in. Kind regards. M


  2. I have family in London I have been told. The last name is Pomaville~ dit Brault Pominville~ Brault dit Pomaville~ ect… I have around 15 ways to spell it.

    If any one can help me or point me in The say it Wolf de à Big help..

    Michael F. Moran ~~ aka: Willam F. Bénie- Pomaville .

    SEMPER ~ FI.

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