Betweenwhiles: A family between two wars – a true story of rebellion against Nazism

Published today

I am delighted to announce that Betweenwhiles: A family between two wars – a true story of rebellion against Nazism, is now published. The Kindle version is available from Amazon, worldwide.

Thank you, to those who pre-ordered

My thanks to all those who pre-ordered, Betweenwhiles. This has put the title #416 in the genre  Kindle Store > Books > History > World.  I am looking forward to reading your reviews. Please let me know what you found interesting or challenging. However you felt about the book, I will be honoured to learn my reader’s views.

The challenges of writing Betweenwhiles

Writing the book has been an interesting and challenging journey. At first, I thought the story would centre on my family, recovering from the Great War. Then explore life during the Art Deco Era.

Then, I discovered archive material that challenged this view. First was a record showing a William Meyer in court for embezzlement. Could this be my great grandfather?  The dates of birth were the same but I needed more evidence to be sure.

I have based Betweenwhiles on oral history, as well as archive material.  I once asked my mum, Emma Lossl, if she had designed clothes for anyone famous.  My mum spoke about an eastern princess, who would only speak to her via an aid. Then mum remembered. ‘Oh yes, and,  the infamous Mrs Mosley.’ I clarified that this was the same lady married to Oswald Mosley, the fascist. Recalling this story puzzled me. How did my mother react to the fascist brown shirt movement?

When I hit a brick wall writing, I restore the creative flow by returning to family papers and photos. One such day, I was sitting surrounded by my mother’s papers and personal things. I spied an envelope I couldn’t remember exploring. It revealed a type written document in German. This document went on, to change the whole emphasis of the book.

My family, friends and academics from the Linked In community, were involved with the knowledge base for Betweenwhiles. Many provided stories from their own oral history. Other helped with photos and website links. Everyone has been supportive and offered encouragement and their expertise.  I am especially grateful for the help translating German archives. Many thanks and love to all.

Where you can get the book

Betweenwhiles: A family between two wars – a true story of rebellion against Nazism, available now, from Amazon to buy or free to download on Prime and to sample.

Now available worldwide

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