Lows and highs and a lesson in life

The challenge

My latest book, Betweenwhiles is out on Kindle. The last 3 weeks, I have been working on an illustrated version. This, I am planning to publish as a paperback. With excitement mounting, the task was nearly complete.

The low

Then last week, I opened the manuscript, to find the format had corrupted. Shockingly, I had forgotten to create a backup, so I had lost all my work.

Through tears of frustration, I have been girding my loins, to redo the template. My work, repairing and enhancing the old family photos, was backed up. And the manuscript for the book is safe. But I must repeat, pasting the story into the Createspace template. The photos are aligning into the script as I go. Painstaking work, but I will make sure I do a backup at each stage, this time.

The high

Through my tribulation, Betweenwhiles, has received another five-star review. I am thrilled to share this with you. It has encouraged me to work, again, on the paperback.

29 April 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
A fascinating account of a family living between the wars, some in the cockney east end of London, some in an increasingly Nazi Germany. Following WWI life is not easy for working people in either country, but especially in the political chaos of Munich and Hamburg. The rise of Hitler is charted in the background of ordinary family lives, the impending doom all too obvious to the reader. The journal of a young engineer, incarcerated by the Gestapo for anti-Nazi activity, is a real insight into the difficulties of living in a world where your values can suddenly become dangerous. The passport difficulties experienced by those trying to join cousins and siblings in London are a real example of how history may inform our future in this pre-Brexit Europe! But above all this is a story of a real family with their tragedies, their passions, and also their more light hearted anecdotes all brought to life in an accessible and entertaining read.
My lesson in life?
Never forget to backup your work.
Feedback from readers, spurs me, on when the going gets tough.


2 thoughts on “Lows and highs and a lesson in life

  1. Stick in there Margaret. A Microsoft crash obliterated two hundred pages of my first novel Half Moon Road. Had to rewrite as best I could from memory! Taught me a big lesson. I store and mail everything I do about six ways to Sunday now, just in case! Closing stable door as horse runs into sunset springs to mind. Just finished going through proofreads of my current book. Will download your book in next few days. Having loved your last, which we highly reccomend, Sandra and I are both looking forward to reading it.
    Regards Rob.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Rob. It helps to share, and hear of your challenges. Graham loved Blood Road and has reviewed on Amazon. Thank you to you and Sandra for all your support.


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