The Wedding Photographer’s Example


I love meeting inspirational people.  They often pop up in unexpected places.

The venue

The venue for the latest was my nephews’ wedding, the swanky, Mitton Hall Hotel in Clitheroe UK.

The situation

Among the guest, in the elegant Tudor building, the photographer quietly went about his task.

Nothing extraordinary about that, I hear you say. But after the obligatory group photos, the photographer started acting in a very unusual manner.

The example

He offered to take photos using guest’s mobile phones. He snapped this lovely pic of my husband and I, using my phone. I love the jaunty angle, which offsets the fact that Graham is a foot taller than me. We thanked him for his kindness, to which he explained, he was doing it for everyone. Then, as the afternoon light dimmed, he used his photographic flash light, to illuminate wedding scenes so everyone to snap an optimum shot.

I did not catch his name, but I thank him for his example.  As a people person, a true earth- angel, he seemed to always look for ways to help with simple acts of kindness. His acts of kindness have sowed a seed in my heart, to emulate his example in any small way I can.

The ambition

How amazing would it be, if we all helped one anther each day, in simple, kindly fashion?

Perhaps, opening a door; giving up a seat on the bus or train; or, a smile and a hello to greet a lonely, passing soul.

Join me?

Please let me know your ideas of simple acts of kindness, together we can illuminate our lives together.  Perhaps, we can give History, a snapshot, of a kindly time amongst humankind all around the world

7 thoughts on “The Wedding Photographer’s Example

  1. I’m sorry that at this moment I can’t remember the exact incidents, but a while ago I was trying to construct a list of concepts to be used as a vocabulary in a new language (I gave up on that project). One of them was this: I’m not very competent at anything so usually I’m not helpful to anyone, but on a few rare occasions I was able to help someone. When I did, I felt it was a great honor that they enabled me to feel like a good person. So, although they thanked me, I wanted to thank them for the rare opportunity I had to complete a good deed. An opportunity for pure empathy is a very rare thing for me. Helping in general is a complicated thing. Often the motives are mixed. Sometimes some one helps in order to gain prestige in the community. Sometimes people’s help is actually a manifestation of “reaction formation” where the help has an angry undercurrent…

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    1. Thank you Doug. Your comment has been a great help for me. I agree, it is hard when people have hidden agenda. You seem a peaceful person. I believe, you are kinder than you know. You understand empathy, which makes you a sensitive soul. Thank you for commenting.

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  2. The post itself is inspiring; my first read of the morning. Causes me to recall, just yesterday, that my heavy delivery which could have stayed in the lobby, magically found its way to my apartment door. My job is to wear an appreciative smile, and pass the good along.Thanks for the reminder!

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  3. So amazing to me!
    You are describing a good photographer and their need to be observers, hugely respectful of what they capture.
    I am only recently a photographer, but I have been a mental health supervising psychotherapist all my adult life.
    The skills are somewhat similar, but the photographer had the distinct advantage of being able to say nothing, well.

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