Three moments, that may bring you joy

Blog Image – The cornflower dragon by M Lossl June 2018

We planted a mini wildflower meadow in a trough and have watched it grow. It’s now home to minibeasts and food for bees. This caterpillar in all his hirsute splendour, is the cornflower dragon, defending his blue and green realm. Well, that’s what Reuben and Sebby, my grandsons, believe. Family stories under the summer sun, bringing joy.



A Sunday morning treat

By the Abbey in Bath, my husband and I sat down to an al fresco breakfast. As we sat sipping coffee, the Abbey bells began their joyful call to prayer. The honey coloured city, warmed by the summer sun, echoed. Voices stilled, to listen. Eyes turned to the ancient church. Edgar, the first king of the English was crowned there, in 973. In 2018, our hearts were crowned with joy, by the merry pealing of the bells.




Warning: this video, is liberally sprinkled with joy

Colette Maze was born in 1915 and has played the piano for over a century. Here she shares her love of the instrument and her secrets to growing old. I saw this on, and want to share her joy with you.  Click the link below to see Colette in action:

The 103-year-old pianist, who feels younger now than at 15! A beautiful, delightful and talented lady.


8 thoughts on “Three moments, that may bring you joy

  1. I love the middle video, I promptly showed the wife and she wants to do just that as well and soak in the relaxing nature of the place. It was a welcome tonic on a Monday morning, spent sifting through Facebook for something that was actually good.

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  2. Oh dear warning against blogging v early. I accidentally deleted your last comment Ste J.
    We miss an English rain shower when living in the USA. We’re having a heatwave in the UK as you probably know. I’m looking forward to the promised storm.

    Wishing you both all the best during your sojourn in the Philippines.


    1. Chantelle is a wonderful inspiration at 93. She is so full of fun and life. Glad you liked the bells pealing over Bath. I’m blessed to live in this wonderful city. Thank you for your appreciation.


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