Helsinki Highlights

We walked 1 km or so, from the ship, into the stunning city. This fountain was near the port.

Passed the fountain, we walked through this charming park.

Helsinki streets are wide and dramatic.

Finally we reached the Gothic railway station. A monumental building. The Burger King there, must be one of the most beautiful!

No trip to Helsinki, is complete, without a trip to the Moomin store.

On our way back to the ship, we saw some impressive churches.

We stopped for a local beer before returning to MS Braemar. A wonderful few hours in Helsinki.

13 thoughts on “Helsinki Highlights

  1. Thank You visiting Helsinki. I wish that You will explore the real Finland outside it. There You will find hidden gems about which You do not have any idea or heard about them.

    Happy and safe travels!

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  2. What a beautiful city. There look to be some very impressive buildings and even Burger King looks lovely. I’ve never heard of the Moomin Shop but it’s obviously a popular place. The weather seems to be holding well for you, too, so I hope it continues that way for the rest of your trip.

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