St. Petersburg By Day

This magnificent city is only 300 years old. Built on spec, to emulate the best of European architecture, it is stunning. The outskirts are not so charming. Grey, Soviet blocks home the majority of the population. The people were friendly and polite. A wonderful place to visit. Russia is not how I expected it to be.

Along the River Neva

Th magnificent Metro

The Market


13 thoughts on “St. Petersburg By Day

  1. Sorry, I didn’t intend to post yet! I was about to add they you’re right about the stunning architecture. That church is amazing. I’m glad the weather is still being kind to you. I’m looking forward to seeing where you visit next.

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      1. Lovely to have yours, too, Margaret. I love travel posts, and posts about books and writing, so we have those in common. Unfortunately, I’ve neglected my blog for a long time over the past year or two. 😀

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