Delightful Book Review

I’m honoured to receive this review for both my books.

I’ve been meaning to drop you a line to say I read both your books whilst on holiday the other week and loved them.  I know you’ve woven a wonderful story around the facts but still, your family history is utterly fascinating albeit so tragic at times (although it was for most back in those days).  What an amazing heritage you have! I’m looking forward to the next release, you really have managed to capture the feel of how life must have been and it was particularly interesting for me as my granddad was born to the sound of bow bells so wouldn’t have been too far at all from your past relatives.  It’s a smaller world than we know 🙂 x

Pippa Clark via Linkedin

4 thoughts on “Delightful Book Review

  1. Fantastic Margaret . Wind in your sails and anchors away! We all need every ounce of praise we can get, fuels our souls when we’re months over the typewriter. Well deserved. Good on you. Get typing! Take care, Rob.

    Ps proofreading Penitence Road in Florida, be ready to go in a month or so.

    Words Can Kill , my book set in London is being loaded to Amazon at mo. Be ready at same time.

    Meanwhile my online art gallery is loaded, ready all bar price structure, and I’ve cartoons being animated in India so I’m busy, busy between sunbathing and swimming. Just how I like it. Onwards!

    Pps Unless I’ve said already my online gallery is at ;

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    1. Great to hear from you Rob. Will certainly be buying Words Can Kill and Penitence Road. V excited about your online gallery. How did you know I’ve not written for a while? As ever, I always receive your support, just when I need it. All the best to you and Sandra, have a great time in Florida. My turn to wish I was there 🙂


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