Justice in the Fall, Bristol UK

Have you ever served on jury duty?

Just recently has been the first time for me.

I met some amazing people and learnt much about the British legal system.

There was a lot of waiting around and we had to obey strict rules. A novel experience for me. But the Jury Service staff treated us all with respect and kindness.

I cannot write about the cases, so I’ve made a video of the pictures I took of Bristol during the week.

I am left with a deep admiration of our legal system. And some new friends, who I will be telling you about, in the not too distant future.

Cheers, my dears. Click to enjoy the movie, its about 1 min long. Watch out for my jury friend Karen, and me at the end, I’m on the right:) We are raising a glass of bubbles to celebrate.

13 thoughts on “Justice in the Fall, Bristol UK

  1. I did jury duty for the first time last year, here in Canada. It was an amazing experience for me too — though I was surprised, ahead of time, when googling to anticipate things, how many people try to get OUT of jury duty! I looked forward to it immensely, and found it a complex and fascinating time. And such a responsibility! Bristol looks pretty — but not very fallish from a Canadian perspective!

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    1. Thank you for your interesting feedback. I wonder how different the Canadian Legal system is, to 🇬🇧?
      I know what you mean about our Fall colours. Only some trees are adorned with Autumnal splendour, many others are lagging behind. I have yet to see Canada in the Fall. A cruise down the St. Lawrence river is on my wish list. Lovely to hear from you. Regards Mararet

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  2. Beautiful. I’ve not been to Bristol; a place to put on the travel/bucket list. Fall in Virginia – leaves are falling for here in Central Virginia, the colors have not come out. It may be a brownish fall this year. New England, near Canada, I hear is lovely.

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    1. Oh my goodness we have been to Williamsburg, but never been to Virginia in the Autumn. Thank you so much for commenting. Lovely to hear from you. Kind regards Margaret ps Bristol is definitely worth a visit, and my stunning home town of Bath, is just next door.

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      1. So glad you’re having a colourful Autumn 🍂 Sounds so beautiful. We’ve had such a hot summer, the tree seem rather confused. Some are still in their verdant summer splendour. While others are well into their autumnal ritual. Wishing you every blessing of this harvest season.

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    1. Oh I know that feeling. I had to stand on a couple of panels. But did not get picked. But managed to sit on one fascinating case. An amazing experience. Thank you for you comment. Love Arizona, got married on the Colorado River from Laughlin.

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  3. I got drug trials, twice, once in Massachusetts and once in New York. They hauled 70 kilos of cocaine into the courtroom every day in New York, but wouldn’t let us on the jury sample it!
    Most interesting difference between the two jurisdictions was how strict or loose judges were on hearsay evidence. One judge was extremely strict, and allowed nothing of the sort in testimony; the other allowed it as a way for witnesses to tell their stories, so long as we understood that the testimony was only valid for what the witness experienced.

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