Weaving stories from the past

Hello Dear Reader,
As you may know, my mum was a dress designer. Back in the 1930s, she ran her own business in London.

Mum head shot My Mum, Emma Zena Lossl (nee Heitmann)

Mum loved to tell me stories about her clients. One, an Arabian princess, would only speak to my Mum, through her maid. Even though her highness could speak English. One day, when the princess fidgeted during a dress fitting, Mum pricked her with a pin. Funnily enough, they became friends and the princess dispensed with the Maid.
I eagerly asked if Mum had any other famous clients. She thought a while, then told me ‘Well she was infamous rather than famous’.
It transpired that this client was Mrs Mosley, wife of the fascist Black Shirt, Oswald Mosley.
In my book, Betweenwhiles, my Mum, Emma Lossl, hears gossip while with her client Mrs Mosley. The information Emma receives aids the East End of London, anti-fascist movement. The ordinary people rose up to refuse the fascist entry into the East End of London. I like to think my Mum contributed to this great event in history, the Battle of Cable Street, 1936.
Thank you to all who have downloaded  Betweenwhiles.
Did you know the paperback version is illustrated?
It contains original family photos, letters and cards from the interwar era. These visuals vividly bring the story to life.
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