Betweenwhiles No. 2 In Amazon Download Chart

Hello dear friends. I am delighted, thanks to your huge response, that Betweenwhiles made it to no.2 in a recent Amazon best selling chart. Go to bottom of this post to view photos from the book, circa 1930s.

Betweenwhiles canters on my Uncles’ war-time memoir; it tells a harrowing story of rebellion against Hitler’s regime. The Nazis imprisoned, Emil Heitmann, for distributing anti-Nazi pamphlets.

Betweenwhiles is based on historical archives, family stories and social-economic history. It reveals an anthology of one extended family’s life, between the two World Wars. My family’s struggle to the new normal after WW1. My family are Anglo-German. The lines of conflict created by the Great War separated them. Were the family living in London, reunited with the French, Lossl family? Did the family members, who remained in Germany, survive the conflict?

Betweenwhiles, filled with love and real-life stories, from those between war years. London family members, reacting to social events. Like the rise of the Oswald Mosley’s fascist Black Shirts. The near civil war in armistice Munich, affecting my grandparents. My mother’s journey from near starvation in Hamburg, to a dress designing career, in London. The book contains many other cameos, to warm the heart and show how everyday folk overcome. Even the tyranny of war cannot quench family love.

If you have enjoyed the Kindle Version, check out Betweenwhiles in Paperback. This is illustrated with many photos from the era, giving a face to my amazing ancestors.


Amazon USA Betweenwhiles paperback

Amazon UK Betweenwhiles paperback

Click below to preview of Betweenwhiles Illustrations





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