An Inspirational Story of Courage and Resilience


The enduring story, Betweenwhiles: A family between two wars – a true story of rebellion against Nazismcrosses many genres: romance, war-story, memoir, historical literature, and family saga.

Betweenwhiles is a riveting stand-alone story, and the poignant sequel to my first book, Mizpah Cousins: Life, love and perilous predicaments during the Great War era

Betweenwhiles Synopsis

A family, separated, devastated by the First World War, seek to reunite in the chaos of post-war Europe. The story begins in 1920. The euphoria of the peace has given way to the reality of a new, challenging normal. The joys, heartache, and tragedies shared in an extended family – lending support to each other during hard times.

During the 1930s as fascism reared its ugly head, Betweenwhiles reveals a brave story of rebellion against Nazism. And, how Londoners fought against Mosely’s Blackshirts. Betweenwhiles explores many issues; love between a mature widower, and a young woman; an altar boy abused by his priest. The memoir of a German anti-Nazi activist, tells of his imprisonment and torture by the Gestapo. This anthology of family stories weaves a fascinating insight into individual journeys through a dark epoch.

The paperback, fully illustrated with photographs from the era is available from Amazon. Recently an Amazon bestseller, order your copy today.



3 thoughts on “An Inspirational Story of Courage and Resilience

    1. Hi Linda, thank you so much for your question. Betweenwhiles is available, now, on Kindle. You can read for free with Kindle Unlimited, and from the Kindle Online Library. Follow the link on the post, and click the Kindle version icon. Please let me know you need any more information. Kindest regards, Margaret.


    2. Oh sorry Linda, I have just reread your question. The paperback version is now available. Click the link on the post and select the paperback option. The paperback is amazing as it has many wonderful photos from the era. Sorry for my confusion!! Kindest regards Margaret.


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