Emma Zena Lossl circa 1939

Remembering my mother Emma Zena Lossl. She would have been 108 today, April 17th 2019. She was photographed with my father, Charles Lossl, circa 1939. I love this picture; full of movement as they walk along. They make a handsome couple. The lady turning her head to smile as they pass by seems to agree.

Mr and Mrs Lossl circa 1939

Emma and Charlie Lossl circa 1939

My mother was a dress designer. She would have made her own outfit. My father was in the Royal Army Catering Corps. I am currently researching his WW2 career from his army records.
My mother’s WW2 story is more ambiguous. She once told me she worked for MI6, employed to translate German to English and for her technical drawing skills. Hers will be a challenging WW2 story to uncover.

This is me with my mum circa 1999. She was 88. Mum is always with me, RIP wonderful lady.

mum and me circa 1999 12 the slopes reading

Margaret and Emma Lossl circa 1999

6 thoughts on “Emma Zena Lossl circa 1939

  1. You’ve got some great photos, Margaret. I love both the old photo and the more recent one. Good luck in the next phase of your family history research – sounds like you’ll need to visit the National Army Museum in London as they do have a section on the Catering Corps, but I think that work is also covered at the Royal Logistics Corps Museum in Deepcut (near Camberley) Surrey.

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  2. The turning lady in this photo add so much to the story. I love what people can do when they “restore and improve” old photos but I sometimes feel they run the risk of losing the story that makes an connection even if you have never met the subject of the photo.

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    1. Thank you, Vicki, for your observation. I agree, sometimes the restoration can obscure the patina, that in itself tells a tale. I find that the most successful restoration reveal hidden detail or repair damage. Many of my restoration attempts, I abandon when I feel the original is best left alone. Wishing you all the best and thank you for your interest.


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