Morning Story

This morning, I find myself on a jewelled planet. It’s course through the heavens around a raging sun, has brought long morning shadows. The planets tilt, causes the sun’s heat to dissipate through the now elongated atmosphere.

We ride our bikes, early morning, next to an expansive shore. Low tide reveals a dimpled, pooled world. Here, birds indolently sit, admiring their reflections. Others gather in flight to flock amongst the gentle waves.

Our bikes crunch over shelled sand, the chains whir.

A dorsal fin catches our eye, on the star spangled sea. We stop to watch and meditate. White crowns erupt in the ocean as pelicans pierce the blue, diving beak first to dine. The dolphins continue their journey, so near to the shore where the fish shoal.

We come to where the river meets the sea. Now a fresh, shallow flow, waiting to be once more inundated by the salty tide.

Bare-footed we push our bikes across, then saddle up once more, our sandy wet feet, drying in the apparent wind.

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