Never Give Up

#Inspiration from #unexpected places. #tuesdaymotivation from #graffiti. #authorslife

Sometimes, when things get on top of you, it seems easier just to, give up.
Recently, faced with complete inertia and a mountain of research to review, I have found it impossible to write.
As an author, this feels like not being able to breathe: a shadow over my soul.
Then, yesterday, on a building site near my home, I saw this graffiti. Not for the first time, I might add, but yesterday it spoke to my heart.
I am blessed with a wonderful family and a very happy home life, and this message urged me to push on through, for them. I am starting my push, with this blog, a commitment to carry on writing.
So, dear reader, I want you to know, that if this message, Never Give Up, speaks to you, I am with you in spirit. Shoulder to shoulder, we can stand firm. No matter how big or small our obstacles, no matter how long it takes, let us Never Give Up.

Inspiration from #unexpected places. #tuesdaymotivation

When you think it’s all over, give it one more try.

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