Thanks to our Waste Warriors

Beautiful rainbows 🌈 drawn by my Grandsons, Reuban and Sebby. Sending love to ALL our essential workers.
A big shout out for our WASTE WARRIORS , the lovely peeps who collect our trash and recycling, deal with our sewers and keeps our water clean. THANK YOU for keeping us clean and safe.

2 thoughts on “Thanks to our Waste Warriors

  1. Yes, they are dirty jobs and we need to be grateful for all everyone does to keep us healthy, clean, and safe. I hope you are doing OK. Things are crazy here. I lost my mother in law on March 13th and we couldn’t even have a proper funeral. So sad.

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    1. Oh my goodness that is so sad. Thinking of you and sending deepest sympathy. We are at the start of a 3 week lock down. Our NHS will be sorely tried over the next few weeks, England has 46O reported deaths in total so far. We are praying that keeping apart will keep the sickness rate, manageable for the NHS. Keep in touch and keep me posted how you’re getting on. 💐


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