Inspiration From Our Ancestors

100 years ago, April 1920, there was an emotion family reunion in London, England.
My English grandmother, Amalia Lossl (nee Demmel), arrived at London docks from Munich. Amalia was with my grandfather, Ernst along with my father, Charlie (aged 10), my Aunt Minna aged 8 and baby Ernst. She had not seen her London family since before the WW1, a terrifying 6 years, earlier.
Their story inspires me during our current world war against, #Coronavirus. I find comfort in the experiences of our forebears.
They overcame incredible hardships.
We will overcome, let us choose to rebuild a better future for those who come after us.
Keep strong, positive and at home. Wishing you every blessing.
Margaret Lossl
To discover the full story of Amalia and family, click the My Publications tab on the menu bar.

Aunty Minnie with Lossl children 1922

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