In Loving Memory of My Grandmother

In loving memory of my Grandmother, Amalia Lössl. 100 years ago, 23 May 1920, Amalia died from Spanish flu.

This centenary of Amalia’s death is most poignant. Today in 2020 we struggle with the worldwide effect of COVID-19.

Amalia was 30 when she died in the German Hospital in London, her father, George Demmel at her side.

1920, she escaped the mayhem of Munich Germany with her husband and children. At last, Amalia was back home in London and reunited with her family. Her death seems a cruel blow, after enduring the many traumas war.

Amalia Lössl (nee Demmel) 1890 – 1920, rest in peace, we remember you with love.

Read more of Amalia’s incredible WW1 story in, Mizpah Cousins: Life, Love and Perilous Predicaments During the Great War Era. And of her escape, to England in, Betweenwhiles: A Family Between Two Wars- A True Story of Rebellion Against Nazism.

amalia and children cloured

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