131 Years Ago

Ancestry sent me this family tree hint this morning. My excitement mounted, as I realised the significance of the document.
It is the birth certificate of an American cousin, Otto Brinke.
His mother, Amelia Henselück, was my great-aunt.
This handwritten certificate from 1889, shows Amelia’s maiden name. Amelia married Herman Brinke, a New York barber in 1888.
It is lovely to see the florid German script. It shows the Brinke family attended a German Church. This suggests there was a strong German community in New York in the late 19th century. The iconography indicates that it may have been a Catholic Church.
The records show male Henselück family members emigrated from Germany to America. These may have been Amelia’s brothers. Over time, the Henselück name became Anglosised, to Henslick.
I am thrilled to have this American family connection and I hope to, one day, write about their exploits.
This record has only recently come to light, so if you are studying your family history, redo searches. The family tree databases are dynamic, and overtime may reveal new gems.
Keep safe dear friends.
Otto Brink Birth cert writing close up

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