Wisdom from Wordsworth

According to William Wordsworth, “Life is divided into three terms — that which was, which is, and which will be. Let us learn from the past to profit by the present, and from the present to live better for the future.”

Following an intensive historical study of the era, M.A. Lossl has written Mizpah Cousins. The story follows a family’s poignant life from 1909 to the end of World War One. This conflict trammelled age culminated with a devastating pandemic. The Spanish Flu claimed the lives of millions around the globe.

In this COVID-19 epoch, let the generation who faced world-changing trauma, inspire you. Discover their secrets of survival. Mizpah Cousins, compelling story, charts family members, living in England, Germany, and France. As the war takes control, huge changes conspire. The young men conscripted to fight in opposing armies. Mothers with children forced on a harrowing refugee journey. In London and France, some suffer the ignominy of imprisonment in alien camps.
But, despite the horror of the time, you will come to know and love the protagonists. Many a time, filled with love, humour and hope, they coped and cared.
This historical tale is filled with encouragement and motivation and illustrated with photographs, letters, and documents from the period. A catalyst to learn from the past, to benefit our modern lives. And to emulate as the author’s forbears, learn to live better for the future?

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