12 thoughts on “Sunrise, Lanzerote

    1. Hi Liz, it’s been 18 months of trying to help the family, if only from a distance. But we are all keeping well. We’re all double jabbed, hence the ability to travel. How are you keeping my friend?

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      1. The Delta variant, is prevalent here in the UK. From what I’ve read from Oxford University, it’s more difficult to get the Delta variant if you’re fully vaccinated. If you do happen to catch it, for most vaccinated people the symptoms are non life threatening. Graham and I travel carefully, around the UK and now Spain. We have never had covid, and feel confident that with both vaccine jabs, we would be safe in the unlikely event of us catching covid. We wear masks, maintain social distancing, and wash our hands. I hope this helps. Keep safe my friend x

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      2. I will share the articles I have been reading to this site to perhaps allay your fears. I do feel, the press, world wide, are being less diligent than they should. Bad news and fear seem to be more popular with reporters, than informed opinion. But that’s just my opinion from reading the scientific take. Keep safe. We’re all living surreal lives. There is no right or wrong way through this, just doing the best we can.

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