Cost-effective ideas to feed your bookworm habit

Amazon’s e-book lending options. Are these an affordable path to unlimited reading?
Reading is an amazing hobby that broadens and develops minds. It has been my main avenue of education. Being an Amazon Indie Author, I’m looking to create a big environment for readers. To this end, I signed up, on publication, to make my books available for Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Unlimited
Currently, this service costs $9.99 (£7.99) per month. There is a one-month free trial. If you do not wish to continue after the trial, remember to cancel your membership from your account details, before the month is up.

Amazon states there are over a million e-book titles to choose from. Also thousands of audiobooks. All available on any device.
If you are a prolific reader and the titles in the library are of your taste, this is a good option.

Things to consider
At this point, you need to consider how much a month, you spend on purchasing e-books. If it is more than the subscription, this could be a money-saving choice for you.
But what sort of genre and titles are available? This is a very important question to investigate. As it is mainly Indie Authors who sign up for Kindle Unlimited, it is worth checking the reading list, to confirm there are enough books to make your membership worthwhile. But bear in mind, that your subscription can be cancelled at any time, so membership may be cost-effective for a set time.

Top tip from ebook
To make Kindle Unlimited a money-saving machine, you’ll have to read:

at least one $9.99 book a month,
at least two $4.99 books a month,
three or more $2.99 books per month,
ten on more $0.99 books per month.

Prime Reading
Are you already a member of Amazon Prime? Did you know over 1 thousand e-book titles are Prime Reading eligible? Prime Members can read these titles for free.
Your reading may be less prolific than the table above suggests. Then, Prime Membership could meet your e-book reading needs.

Things you may not know about Amazon e-books
Nearly 20 thousand titles come with Audible Narration (this is not the same as an audio book, but has a similar effect). You can seamlessly switch between reading and listening.
I have checked this out with my own books on my Kindle Fire. To enable the service, you need to select the option in your e-book setup, for that title. Remember to have the volume turned on. You can handily, edit the speed the reader speaks. I believe it is a computer generated voice. But I enjoyed listening to the story, despite a few odd pronunciations. But that could be because I’m from the UK:)

Over 900 thousand have Word-Wise, enabled. Short definitions can be displayed inline above difficult words. This is brilliant as it saves a trip to the dictionary. And generally, I find it enhances my reading experience.

For more interesting facts to help your choice, check out
Keep reading, my friends. May the words, be with you.

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