A Message From America

Positive Communication

Do you often receive praise for your work? Whether at home or place of work, often, good deeds are written in sand.

Do you remember the last time you received praise? It is a beautiful gift. It validates your effort and spurs you on to greater achievements.

Constructive criticism has its place. But we all need support and encouragement to grow, to progress from our first stumbling steps.

How positive am I?

My dear Mum, always taught me, ‘do as you would be done by’. This has really hit home today. I have just received this lovely review for my book, Betweenwhiles; my first review from the USA.

It has made me stop and ask the question, how often do I validate the work of others?

Thank You

Linda’s review has prompted me to text my husband at his office, to tell him how much I appreciate his hard work.

And whatever you are doing today, I appreciate you taking time to read my blog and thank you for your support.

And thank you, to Linda Marie Marsh for her review, which has lifted my heart and spurred me on to write my next book. Her generous words have created such a positive impact on me. She has made me look at my attitude to those who work and live around me. I hope to pepper the lives of others with encouragement and thank Linda for her example. Her review for my book Betweenwhiles: A family between two wars – a true story of rebellion against Nazism, has filled my heart with joy.

If yo would like to check out Linda Marie Marsh’s review click:

Goodreads Review

Amazon.com Review

Linda review

From the book:

There is a chink of light that illuminates the space between all our yesterdays and today. I seek this spark to bring a story into being. Through research and endeavour, the light of lives long gone glimmer once more on the page. A memoir deciphered for all to understand. My history has become your story.



8 thoughts on “A Message From America

  1. Yes it’s lovely to receive kind words, especially for an author constantly alone in ones toil. Alone except for those insidious, attendant fears that nag away. Telling you that every word is hackneyed, every sentence banal, the cadence woeful. That was a great review Margaret, well deserved. Keep on keeping on as the song says.

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  2. Congratulations on your positive review, Margaret! And you are so right about the importance of offering encouragement and praise to others. I particularly appreciate online literary magazines that provide the opportunity for readers to comment. I love being able to immediately tell the writer that their story or poem or essay brought me joy or prompted me to reflect or gave me just the lift I needed after a really hard day.

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