A visit to magnificent Manchester, UK

Click to share our recent visit to this beautiful city in the North of England.

I’ve created the video with a trial version of the app. so it has a watermark. But if you like the format, I will buy a watermark-free version. Let me know what you think x


27 thoughts on “A visit to magnificent Manchester, UK

      1. I agree. I love the way the city is repurposing the architecture with sympathetic glass extensions that appear unobtrusive. The wasteland, however, is left with minimum interference. Local communities seem to use many of them for pop up dance and music. The canal area has a crop of artists and photographers, inspired by the ambiance. You can still seem to catch the slow clip-clop of the massive shires horses that used to pull the canal barges.

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    1. Glad to have bought back some memories for you. This was my first visit to the city. A forest of cranes tells of the cities rejuvenation in progress. I was impressed by how the old and new sit well together. The industrial past bought into function, with the addition of external glass elevators is one example. Or an art deco building extended with a sympathetic glass extension on the roof. I found the city stimulating and inspiring.

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    1. Thank you. Glad my novice attempt inspired you. I’m going to buy the app because it’s so easy to use. The bit you buy converts the .wve to a .mov or other format that’s social media compatible. Sorry my techie side slipped out:)

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  1. I live in the States. Manchester looks great. The app was terrific. I loved the music and photos, the animations for changing the scene. The clapping in the music had me dancing in my computer chair. Great post.

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      1. I live on the Eastern Coast. I am in New Jersey, between the city of Philadelphia and the shore towns of Atlantic City down through Cape May.

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      2. How lovely. I’ve not had a chance to visit that area yet. My husband and I have lived for 3 months on Key West. This year we spent a couple of months on Hilton Head, near Savannah. We love be America, and have spent the last 20 years exploring. Still so much to see, it’s huge.

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  2. I enjoyed watching your video and seeing another part of the world! I live not too far from Manchester, New Hampshire. Our city has old repurposed textile mills by the river. In fact, the college I work for has an academic campus located in one of the old mill buildings.

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