29 thoughts on “Answer Me This

    1. Brilliant. A bit like me. I use the text to speech mode on Kindle, though guess the quality is not par with an audiobook. But sometimes, only a physical book will do. Thanks for sharing.


  1. I am many of these. I love a physical book, but also the convenience of carrying an infinite bookshelf with me in my purse. I read daily, sometimes carefully and methodically, but sometimes quickly devouring book after book. And though I’m always reading, one of the best things about vacation is the freedom to read even more.

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      1. I have not tried text to speech. I like Audible because of the quality. The narrators are typically very good as is the production quality. I currently have about 50 books in my library which are always with me on my phone, iPad or laptop. I can even loan a book to a friend who also uses Audible. I understand there are some newer similar apps out there, but I am very happy where I am.

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  2. I am probably a mix of Book Binger and Thoughtful Notetaker because at any given day I am in the middle of some book or another and I always plan the next book I have to read after I am done with the one in my hands but at the same time I am a slow reader and I tend to take my time with the book and ponder over it. Cheers to all the bookworms!

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    1. That’s really interesting Imaan, thank you for sharing. I’m also a slow reader. So have enabled text to speech, on my tech. I find having the book read to me while I read, speeds up my reading. Strangely, I don’t enjoy just listening to the story, I like to read along. Hear, hear, to the “Cheers to all Bookworms”. Warmest wishes M

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  3. I enjoy each of the different sensory and tactile effects of audible, online and hard copy Magaret. However since writing myself I’ve had to cut back on reading as it’s very easy to subconsciously plagiarise.
    That said, should an author plagiarise my book I’d be highly flattered !

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  4. Definitely a physical book, the joy of turning the page, dropping it in the bath (a favourite place to read) and placing a well worn bookmark, currently a battered boarding card from my mini moon a couple of years ago. Simple rituals but all part of my book reading pleasure.

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    1. Love your book story. I’ve so forgotten reading in the bath. I now only have a shower. Magical bookmarks with the patina of love. And the warp of a watery existence. Thank you so much. I so need to get a bath. Xx


  5. I’m a Tectastic. I can’t bear looking at heaps of books I’ve read last year, or many years ago, so I read everything I can on Kindle.

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