Inspiration from a WW2 memoir

Hello dear readers. I am currently translating my German Uncle’s, memoir from WW2.Research for my next book, Stealing the Rainbow
The background story
Emil Heitmann was an active anti-Nazi. He had been tortured and imprisoned by the Gestapo from 1933 onwards.
This element from his memoir, is set in 1939 Langenhorn, Hamburg, Germany. Emil, had recently moved into a new apartment with his new wife, Lona.
Quote from Emil’s memoir
“Each apartment had to have a holder for a flag. But the carpenter who had to attach them to our new apartment always came in vainIt surprised all the neighbours that we had succeeded, until the liberation from fascism, to never get a [flag] holder, let alone get to hang a [Nazi] flag out. But we were the onlyones. Again and again, the Nazis came to us and our comrades in the neighbourhood, because of [the lack of] a flag. We were referred, by court order, to an official hearing. But the Nazis did not know what they should do. There, an official told me that, he himself was former Reichsbannermann (SPD), and regrets having become a Nazi.”
This simple act of defiance held so many dangers for the young couple. I am mindful to treasure the freedom of speech, I enjoy here in the UK.
Further Information
My books, Mizpah Cousins and Betweenwhiles, tell of Emil’s early life. Please click on the My Publications tab, from the menue bar, for further information.
I am not sure if I would have been brave enough to defy the Nazi regime. Do you think you would have been?
The picture is from crica 1943 of Family Heitmann, Emil, Lona and their daughter Heide.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration from a WW2 memoir

    1. Thank you Antoinette. I agree, it’s hard to tell how one would react. You can read about Emil Heitmann’s early interaction with the Nazis. Betweenwhiles: a family between two wars – a true story of rebellion against Nazism, is available from Amazon. Merry Christmas.


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