Historical Novel Giveaway

Good morning dear reader. Amazon Book Giveaway for USA residence.

I’m celebrating my book reaching the Amazon Best Seller list. You have a chance to win a free copy of Mizpah Cousins: life, love and perilous predicaments during the Great War era. Enter the Amazon Giveaway below, with a chance to win the illustrated paperback. Congrats to our first winner, Elizabeth B, from the USA. Enjoy x

About the Book
Mizpah Cousins is a true story, of a family’s resilience when separated by war. As the horror of the conflict bites, the enthralling, multilayered story fills with tension and suspense. Can love survive the trials of WW1?
A unique true story of everyday life, 1909 to 1919. Mizpah Cousins is illustrated with family photos from the era. It showcases cards and letters my Grandfather sent to my Grandmother while serving on the Eastern Front.
Good luck with your entry.
Kindest regards Margaret

Giveaway Details

If you live in the USA click here

Amazon.com Paperback Giveaway Mizpah Cousins
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