A poem that tells a family history

Hello dear friends. I am sharing this work as it had a profound effect on me. The poet weaves her words into an emotional story. This poem tells of a beautiful lady on an intriguing journey. Can you guess the mother’s occupation, nationality and her journey?

My Mother’s Dress

Hamburg was stitched

Into my mother’s dress;

Long hours of labour

Sighed in the seams.


And grace trickled down

Through the pleats and the tucks,

Whilst sorrow was stashed

In the hem of the skirt.


Laughter sprang out

With the fall of the sleeves,

And the lace in the bodice

Whispered of dreams.


The dress rose gently

And danced to a tune,

It swirled and it swayed

With the song of the day.


Over the waters,

Folded and flat,

It shook out its creases

With London’s broad Map.


It tumbled and crashed

With the washing of time,

‘Till sorrow unstitched,

And it sank to the ground.© copyright Jeannette Collette 2018


Let me know what you think. I will reveal all later. Kindest regards  Margaret

Picture: family photo of Emma Zena Lossl nee Heitmann circa 1935




3 thoughts on “A poem that tells a family history

    1. Thank you Deborah. My sister wrote the poem, I will tell her how much you enjoyed it. I know she will be thrilled. You have made a very good guess, but the truth is even more complicated. The poem is about our amazing mother, Emma Zena Lossl. You can read her story in my book, Betweenwhiles: A family between two wars-a true story of rebellion against Nazism (Amazon). Thank you so much for commenting. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


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