Roll the Drum, Blow the Horn, a Book is Born

Dear readers, friends and followers, I am delighted to announce the publication of Amalia’s Journey: A Cockney Mother’s Story from World War One.

Available now on Amazon worldwide:




This story is set at the end of the Art Nouveau era and during the WW1 period. A tale of romance and an idyllic life brought to a sudden end, by The Great War. A story of resilience in the face of immense odds. A story of my brave and resourceful grandmother, Amalia Lossl née Demmel.


London of 1909, Empire era, is where Amalia’s Journey begins. She lived in the East End of London with her German parents.


Love takes Amalia on the first stage of her journey. After a broken heart, she falls for an ambitious silver-service waiter, Ernst Lossl. In 1909 his career took him to the famous Hotel Trianon, in Versailles. Then, in 1914, when WW1 broke out, Amalia resided in France with her husband. Her family were at home, in London, and Agnes, her cousin and best friend, lived with her young family, in Hamburg. The next part of Amalia’s journey took her far from home and comfort. Danger surrounded her as the Great War crushed her home life and her peace.

This novella is a tale of love, surviving the atrocities of the early 20th century — a war story from a civilian’s point of view. Did Amalia’s family, survived the German wartime bombing, from the ethereal Zeppelin airships? Will the whole family see each other again? Will they be reunited when the guns are laid to rest?


Amalia’s Journey crosses many genres. Historical romance, military, historical fiction, literary fiction, family history, memoir and genealogical research. The book contains historic pictures from the era — also, useful links to Lossl’s research.
Look out for the next instalment in the Mizpah Anthology, Agnes’ Passion.

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