My Book in Amazon Top Ten

Wow, my book, Amalia’s Journey, has made it to no 10 in an Amazon bestseller chart. If you’ve not  already done so, download your copy today, and perhaps Amalia’s Journey will make the no 1 spot.
Amalia lived through the terrible WW1 epoch with honour and bravery. An amazing woman, almost forgotten, to living memory.

See synopsis below

Amamlia’s Journey  

Amalia’s Journey


#Love took Amalia on the first stage of her #journey. After a #brokenheart, she fell for an ambitious silver-service waiter, Ernst Lossl. In 1909 his #career took him to the famous Hotel Trianon, in #Versailles #France. In 1914, when #WW1 broke out, Amalia resided in France. Her family were at home in #London, and Agnes, her cousin and best friend, lived in #Hamburg #Germany. The next part of Amalia’s journey took her far from home and comfort. #Danger surrounded her as the #GreatWar crushed her home life and her peace. This #novella is a tale of love, surviving the #atrocities of the early #20thcentury — a war story from a civilian’s point of view.
Has Amalia’s family, survived the German wartime bombing, from the ethereal Zeppelin airships? Will the whole family see each other again? Will they be reunited when the guns are laid to rest?
Amalia’s Journey crosses many genres. #Historicalromance, #military, #historicalfiction, #literaryfiction, #familyhistory, #memoir and #genealogical research. The novella contains #historic pictures from the era — also, useful links to Lossl’s research.

10 thoughts on “My Book in Amazon Top Ten

    1. Thank you 🙏. Amalia’s Journey, although a story from 100 years ago, has much to teach us, today. Writing my grandmothers story, highlighted my amazing, peaceful life. I feel, as modern women, we have much to learn from the past. Thank you for your support. I hope you get to read Amalia’s Journey. 💐


      1. I have added it to my TBR stack. My paternal family came from Germany and their history makes for a compelling story, which I need to write. Trying to focus on half finished pieces now before starting something new. I’ll review once I’ve read Amalia’s Journey and wish you every success with it.

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      2. Wow I would love to read your family’s story. Thank you so much, your review would mean the world. Please let me know of your publications. Wishing you all the best 🌹 📚


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