Magic and Mystery

Something is afoot in Bath, England this morning.

Dragon breath hangs over the city, while outside the city limits, the sun shines brightly. The river Avon seems adrift with mini icebergs, but it’s foam caused by the sluice gates being opened.

Cobwebs bedecked with jewels, lend even more magic to our morning walk.

Keep safe my friends.

4 thoughts on “Magic and Mystery

    1. Thank you 🙏 Ron. All is well with us. Bath has quite a high covid rate because of the students, being a university city. But, we are coming out of lockdown on Monday and will cautiously have a little more freedom as rates are dropping. The students are being tested and sent home soon, so we’re looking forward to a peaceful Christmas with the family. I hope you and yours are keeping safe. Kindest regards 💐

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