A grand adventure 22/23; part 1, leaving Bath

4 October 2022, my husband Graham and I, embarked on a bucket list adventure. I am going to share our 4 month journey, by train, cruise ship and plane, with memories from my photo journal. 

Before we left, we walked into Bath, where we live, to bid a fond farewell. 

The following day, still in glorious sunshine, we caught a train to Southampton, where we had a couple of days to explore and visit family.

The old Roman ruins made for a fun destination to walk. We dined in an ancient Tudor pub, and enjoyed a chat with the friendly mounted police. A church that had suffered bomb damage, has been remodelled with a glass roof, to create a place of memorial to the seaman who gave their lives in the last war.

Then, 6 October 2022, we boarded MS Norwegian Star. The first part of our adventure, to explore ports in France, Spain and Portugal. 

It’s a joy to relive the journey with you, and I hope that in due course, you may guess our final destination.

The adventure begins

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